Tarbell Construction Management, Inc., based just outside of Boston Massachusetts is a premier consulting firm specializing in the overall construction management for commercial, municipal and multi-use projects. The firm provides a full scope of services for the construction industry including overall project management, risk analysis, design review, bid preparation, dispute resolution as well as many other professional management and consulting services.

The firm has a deep commitment to being competent, considerate, reliable and thorough with each and every assignment. With over three decades in the construction business, Tarbell Construction Management, Inc., has experience in projects ranging from under $1 million to municipal projects in the $60 million range. Behind every project and decision is a wealth of skill and knowledge in several areas; from the initial design phase all the way to guiding clients through multi-million dollar public projects.

Each and every client is served by Kenneth D. Tarbell, an industry veteran with over 35 years in the construction management arena. Mr. Tarbell has an impressive track record of successful construction projects in the greater Boston area as well as throughout New England.